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What is the Cookie Strategy followed by AltanaESP?
Last Updated 3 years ago

AltanaESP Pty LTD follow a specific cookie strategy to ensure that the AltanaESP Network and Systems interactive applications remains effectively operational, provide you with the best possible website experience and protect your online privacy. Allowing for an improved website experience and efficient interactive functionality, the AltanaESP Network and System place some cookies on the computer - used by Network participants and System users - for accessing AltanaESP Pty LTD and affiliated websites.

Whether to allow the placement and use of AltanaESP Pty LTD cookies, or not to allow cookies; are at your (i.e. member/participant/user) sole discretion. The Cookie Strategy followed by AltanaESP Pty LTD is...
  1. Place all needed cookies on the personal computers and/or devices of website visitors, which are required to ensure a smooth website experience and effective functioning of website interactive components.
  2. The decision of which cookies to select for allowing or disallowing, is the sole responsibility and at the discretion of each individual visiting or using any AltanaESP Pty LTD websites and affiliated domains.
In order for you to responsibly decide - which cookies to accept or reject - AltanaESP Pty LTD provide the following list of cookies essential for the proper functioning of the various AltanaESP Pty LTD affiliated websites...
  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies enable services you have specifically requested.
  • Performance cookies: These cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies remember choices you make to improve your online experience.
  • Targeting cookies or statistical cookies: These cookies collect information about your browsing habits for operational research purposes.
It is the responsibility of each individual person, visiting AltanaESP Network and System related websites, to use the various tools and mechanisms available to manage cookies in such a manner that it suit your particular online context the best. For this purposes there are a number of Browser applications available to do so. Browser Cookie Managers are the most efficient method for managing cookies, because you can individually select which cookies to allow, and which ones to " block". For options and instructions to install, use browser cookie managers or to improve overall online security and privacy, please click here.

Internet cookies can be either beneficial to your online experience, or malicious and harmful. Please make sure that you know which is which!

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